Montreal based creative shop and ad agency SidLee called on J.J. Sedelmaier to develop and design the animation and graphics for the Adidas Winter Holiday campaign utilizing Snoop Dogg/Lion as their spokesman.

"Sketch Teaser"

"Ebenezer Snoop"


Being familiar with Sedelmaier’s work on SNL, Creative Director Brandon Pierce asked J.J. to come to Canada and spend a “Creative Day” camping out with the folks at SidLee. Everyone¬† hit it off immediately. Scripts were developed, Sedelmaier sketched and too much fun was had. Ultimately, animation, retail displays, and live teasers were involved. Sedelmaier designed and directed the animation with Jake Szymanski directing the live. J.J. and Snoop even starred together in their own teaser.


The public response was terrific, and SidLee/Adidas went all out to promote!


For SidLee/JimmyLee:

Exec Creative Director: Kris Manchester
Creative Directors: Charles Hall/Brandon Pierce
Art Director: Jamie Gurnell
Writer: Brad Getty
Exec Producer: Josh Reynolds
Sound Design: Machine Head