Advertising agency, EnergyBBDO Group Creative Director Noel Haan, asked J.J. Sedelmaier to co-creative direct the resurrection campaign of Bayer’s classic Alka-Seltzer mascot “Speedy”.

Sedelmaier was brought in on the ground floor to direct and produce animatic test films, and once the launch of the campaign was approved, Sedelmaier came up with two of the three final concepts, re-designed the iconic character for animation in CGI, and as director, chose Framestore/NY to do the animation for the commercials. Sedelmaier pitched a piece to CBS “Sunday Morning” which aired in conjunction with the launch of the campaign. Sedelmaier’s “Speedy” continues to brand the Alka-Seltzer product with new spots airing in 2012.






"Sunday Morning" Segment


"Speedy" maquette
used for CG development
and live "stand-in".